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Child Custody & Visitation disputes are some of the most emotionally-charged legal disputes between parents.  Emotions can run higher when the dispute is between a parent and a non-parent.  Standing is the determination of whether a specific person is a proper party to bring a matter to court.  In Pennsylvania, standing requirements limit who may seek custody of a child to parents and third parties who act as parents.  Under certain conditions, great-grandparents, grandparents, and other individuals may also have standing.  The limitation as to who can sue for custody helps ensure that the filing party has a substantial interest in the subject matter of the litigation before it hears any evidence regarding the child's best interest.  Without proper representation, you may fail to show that you meet the conditions, and your ability to visit or parent the child(ren) - can be negatively impacted.  

Our law practice is extensive and includes:
• Divorce cases, including property division, alimony, legal separation, and same-sex divorce
• Child custody cases, including visitation, relocation/removal, high-conflict cases, and child support
• Modification of existing orders, including alimony, custody, and child support

We provide personalized representation to each client.  We will help you to develop a narrative regarding how your child has been raised, cared for, and shared until the time of trial.   We will show how that narrative relates to Pennsylvania's 16 custody factors.  We will help you to determine the correct evidence which is admissible in court and illustrate your narrative in light of the 16 custody factors.

As we work through your case, you will be treated with care and respect. We get to know our clients well to understand their specific needs and goals.

Please call the office to schedule an initial consultation by phone to discuss your case. Our receptionists are available 24 hours daily (including weekends) to schedule your appointment. I look forward to meeting you!

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