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Custody & Visitation disagreements are some of the most emotionally-charged legal disputes. It can become more emotional when drugs, mental health issues, or criminal convictions are involved.  

In ordering any form of custody, Pennsylvania courts must determine the child's best interest by considering all relevant factors, giving weighted consideration to those factors which affect the child's safety. The state has outlined 16 specific custody factors that must be considered. Two of these factors include drug history and mental health conditions. The court must also consider whether a party or a member of their household has been convicted of (or plead guilty or no contest to) certain crimes involving DUI, sex, violence, or drugs.
Being convicted of an enumerated offense or having mental health or drug issues does not automatically preclude a person from acquiring any form of court-ordered custody. We can help you prove that your mental health condition, drug issues, or previous convictions do not threaten your children and convince the court that awarding you some form of custody is in the children's best interest. But without proper representation, it won't be easy.

Our law practice is extensive and includes the following:
• Divorce cases, including property division, alimony, legal separation, and same-sex divorce
• Child custody cases, including visitation, relocation/removal, high-conflict cases, and child support
• Modification of existing orders, including alimony, custody, and child support

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