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Contempt of Custody

Child Custody & Visitation disputes are some of the most emotionally-charged legal conflicts.  Emotions can run higher when a judge has made a decision, or an agreement is reached, and the other party ignores it.  Unfortunately, the behavior may persist until a judge decides that the other party has disrespected the court by disobeying its order.  This is called contempt.  

There are statutory penalties for contempt, including imprisonment or probation for up to six months, a fine of up to $500 (this is separate from counsel fees and costs, which may also be a penalty), and suspended driving privileges.   The court may also order make-up time, parenting classes, and a change in the pick-up and drop-off schedule that prevents future withholding. However, without proper representation, you may fail to show that he or she has disobeyed the agreement and be unpersuasive in your approach of requesting statutory remedies or other changes that could prevent future withholding.  This could further prevent you from parenting your children as ordered and your relationship with them can continue to be negatively impacted.  

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• Modification of existing orders, including alimony, custody, and child support

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