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Congratulations on your decision to adopt a child born or expected to be born in Pennsylvania.  

PA adoption laws are some of the least restrictive in the country.   Any adult may adopt if they meet the adoption requirements of their adoption professional and the home study process.  If you also reside in Pennsylvania, the adoption can be finalized in as little as one to two months after the child first comes to live with your family.   The process can and should begin before the child is born with the home study.  Unless you are related to the child, the home study is an integral part of the first of several filings, including the Report of Intention to Adopt.

The process should proceed with consent from the birth parents.  The consent will terminate their rights to the child (a prerequisite in all but stepparent adoptions).  If the birth mother claims the father's identity is unknown, she must attest to the same via an affidavit containing the specifics of conception.

There is no adoption age limit, age minimum beyond adulthood, or marriage requirement listed in Pennsylvania adoption laws.  However, the court will review medical documentation, etc., to determine your suitability long term.  They will also check your financial and emotional suitability.  For most, these are non-issues.  During the Pennsylvania adoption home study process, prospective adoptive families will undergo background checks. Convicted felons may be approved to adopt in Pennsylvania if their social worker and the court find that the prospective adoptive parent's criminal record was non-violent and did not involve a child, domestic abuse, or neglect.  There are exceptions to the non-violent requirement, which depend on the specific crime, rehabilitation, and when the crime occurred.

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